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Parents should be able to send their children off to school, feeling secure in knowing that they are in a safe and nurturing environment. However, that is unfortunately not the case, as students in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have been facing instances of molestation and sexual abuse at extremely high rates. If you or your loved one has faced sexual assault while at school, a compassionate and dedicated Los Angeles teacher sexual abuse lawyer can represent your case.

The knowledgeable legal team from DeMarco Law Firm has been representing children who have been taken advantage of by teachers and other people in positions of power in the school system. We employ a client-based approach, considering the desired outcome of the client while addressing key questions and concerns. Our team can conduct in-depth investigations and build a comprehensive plan to move forward and pursue justice. We can help you today.

Understanding Sexual Abuse in a School Context

Many young and teenage children do not understand that abuse is occurring during the event and, therefore, are taken advantage of by people in positions of authority within the school system. It is critical to put an end to instances of molestation and sexual abuse in primary, middle, and high schools, holding the school district and other high-ranking officials accountable for their complicity in such events.

Sexual abuse by an educator involves behavior that is directed at a student with the intent of sexually arousing or titillating the offender. Sexual abuse in school can be verbal, physical, or visual, with examples ranging from the fondling of private parts to showing a student obscene materials to sharing sexually charged jokes.

Educator sexual abuse can occur in many different forms. It may have been an ongoing occurrence, or it could have involved one instance only. It’s important to know that your feelings and your story are valid and that you have legal options available to help you work toward justice. An experienced and highly skilled Los Angeles teacher sexual abuse lawyer from DeMarco Law Firm can help develop a legal strategy to hold these perpetrators accountable for what happened to you or your loved one at school.

Who Is a Child School Sexual Abuse Offender?

Sexual abuse offenders in the LA and surrounding area school systems can be a wide range of people. An educator or teacher is generally referred to as a person who is older than the age of 18 and works with or for a school or another learning organization or educational group. Such offenders can be in paid or unpaid positions. In many instances, they may even be volunteers.

Offenders can be any individuals over the age of 18 who are in contact with the school or in a school-related relationship with one or more students. These include:

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Counselors
  • School administrators
  • Bus drivers
  • Secretaries
  • Coaches
  • Parents who volunteer at the school
  • Tutors
  • Special education workers

Those who commit incidents of sexual misconduct are not always obvious, with abusers sometimes being those who are the least expected. It’s important to note that, in an incident or series of sexual misconduct in school, the perpetrator is not the only individual who should be held accountable. A loyal and dedicated sexual abuse lawyer from DeMarco Law Firm can help you hold the perpetrator, the school system, and other people in positions of responsibility accountable.

How School Districts Can Be Negligent in Abuse Cases

It is not uncommon for school districts to be negligent in cases of reported teacher sexual abuse cases. For example, school district officials have sometimes blamed the student for the instance of assault instead of taking responsibility for the incident. If one member of a teaching staff is found to have been involved in relations that constitute sexual misconduct with a student, it’s important to understand that the entire school district can be held accountable.

A school district has a responsibility to each of its students, meaning that it is obliged to provide them with a safe and secure environment where they are free from facing instances of sexual advances, harassment, or assault. The legal team at DeMarco Law Firm can help you hold a Los Angeles school district, or any other school district in Southern California, accountable by filing a claim or pursuing other legal avenues.

Criminal and Civil Penalties for School Sexual Abuse Cases

After instances of sexual misconduct in Southern California schools, both criminal and civil cases can be brought forward to bring justice to the situation. Oftentimes, the offending faculty member will face criminal charges, which may be misdemeanor or felony charges, with the associated penalties ranging from fines to incarceration.

A civil claim can be brought against the school district to hold them accountable for the negligent hiring of the offending faculty member. In such cases, the plaintiff will need to prove that the offending teacher or faculty member was not competent enough to carry out the activities associated with their work.

Furthermore, the plaintiff will have to show that the school district should have been aware of this incompetence and that, as a result of their negligence in this matter, the victim suffered harm. The harmed student and their loved ones have the option to pursue a civil claim to recover damages, covering expenses such as medical bills and pain and suffering.

An experienced and knowledgeable legal professional from DeMarco Law Firm can assess the details of your case and help you determine whether a criminal or civil case is ideal for your situation. If both are pursued, the evidence from one can help achieve a conviction in the other.

If necessary, we can help you pursue multiple cases to hold the right people and organizations accountable, giving you several potential avenues to recover compensation for the damages that you suffered.

What Are the Signs of Sexual Abuse in School?

If a child is facing instances of sexual abuse by an authority figure, such as their teacher or a school administrator, at school, there are certain general signs that can be looked for to spot the problem. While abuse manifests itself differently in each student, a key indication is a dramatic and abrupt change in behavior. Students may suddenly exhibit the following signs:

  • Speaking less and not participating in the classroom
  • Having difficulty staying concentrated during classroom activities
  • Avoiding going to school by staying home or skipping class
  • Facing challenges with focusing on schoolwork, such as studying and finishing assignments
  • Having issues interacting with authorities at the school
  • Performing less well in school

If your child is suddenly exhibiting drastic shifts in behavior that include these key signs, it is worth investigating whether sexual misconduct in school could be a reason for the changes. In such cases, it is better to err on the safe side, as the consequences of teacher sexual assault can be catastrophic, with long-term emotional and physical health consequences.

Staying vigilant and looking out for signs of sexual abuse in the school system against your children and their peers can help fight this widespread and underreported issue. If you suspect that your child is facing or has faced abuse at school, it’s critical to notify the police as soon as possible. Additionally, get in touch with a compassionate and skilled lawyer to take on your case. A Los Angeles school sexual abuse attorney from DeMarco Law Firm is ready to help you.

Los Angeles School District Victims Seeking Justice Retroactively

According to the U.S. Department of Education, less than one-third of sexual misconduct-related crimes committed by people in authoritative positions in schools get reported. Therefore, it is highly common that former school children will decide to report instances of sexual abuse after they turn 18 and are well out of school. In such cases, they will need to be the plaintiff for their case.

An empathetic lawyer from DeMarco Law Firm can analyze your case and help you determine how you can proceed with legal action. If the case happened years ago, they can assist you with investigating and gathering evidence, including testimonies from other employees and former students. They can also examine school records and the criminal history of the perpetrator. It is never too late to pursue justice for what happened in an LA County school.

DeMarco Law Firm Can Represent You in a School Teacher Sexual Assault Case

We represent people of all ages who were molested as a child at their school or by a teacher throughout Southern California. Whether you are a parent of child who was recently sexually abused or if you are a student who was the victim of a teacher’s sexual advances, Anthony DeMarco can help you. Even if you are an adult and you suspect that you might have been molested as a child by someone when you were in school, then call us.

Studies and recent events in the Los Angeles County School District point to many children in Southern California who have suffered childhood sexual abuse in their schools and various other educational settings. School administrators, counselors, coaches, and assistants all qualify as school district educators.

Work With a Dedicated Los Angeles Teacher Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

If you have reason to believe that you were assaulted at your school as a child in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, then it is never too late to start working toward justice for your situation. The compassionate and experienced legal team at DeMarco Law Firm is here to provide a safe space for you to express your grief and share what happened. Together, we can create a comprehensive and sensitive plan to move forward with your case.

We have represented clients in cases against the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Alhambra Unified School District. If you believe you were sexually abused in your school, then call a child sexual abuse attorney today. A compassionate lawyer from our sexual abuse legal team is eager to start working with you as soon as possible.

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