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In 2003, criminal justice professor Dr. Samuel Walker exposed the growing national epidemic of sexual abuse that is happening by police officers in their respective police and sheriff’s departments.  Most shocking is the amount of sexual abuse incidents that have occurred by police officers within the popular Police Explorer program.  The Police Explorer program “is a hands-on program open to young men and women who have completed the 6th grade through 20 years-old, interested in a career in law enforcement.”  Through the Explorer program, children ages 14-20 years-old, volunteer and work as interns in local police and sheriff’s departments and gain real-world experience working with police officers.

Police Explorer Sexual Abuse

As the map below demonstrates, it is common for police officers to violate their position of authority by sexually abusing participants in the Police Explorer program.  The DeMarco Law Firm has successfully filed lawsuits against police departments and police officers in defense of the young, often underage, Police Explorer Scouts who have been sexually molested by adult officers.

This is a public resource provided by the DeMarco Law Firm to promote police accountability in the interest and safety of children

The Police Accountability Map, found below, is an interactive map of names, law enforcement agencies, police assignments, and information related to credible accusations or convictions of child sexual abuse violations related to employees or representatives of law enforcement.  The sources for each incident found on the map are provided with the description.

Note: the list below DOES NOT imply or confirm that the individual(s) indicated are currently employed at or by the associated law enforcement agencies.

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