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Child Sexual Abuse Resources

Below you will find a collection of child sexual abuse resources that we have provided for you.  If you are a parent who is concerned about possible child abuse or if you’re a survivor who is looking for help, the links below provide information for you.

We are working to provide all of the important documents that we’ve uncovered over the years in our investigations into the ongoing Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Along with our many other cases, we are constantly adding information to help raise public awareness of child molestation in national organizations.

Sex Abuse Resources

For Parents

Resources for parents about child sexual abuse

Case Resources

Documents and information about our cases and the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

For Survivors

Resources for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse Accountability Index

Accused Clergy & Priests

An Index of names, churches, and assignments of clergy and priests who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse

Accused Teachers & School Staff

An Index of names, schools, and assignments of teachers and school staff who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse

Accused Coaches & Leagues

An Index of names, sports leagues or schools, and assignments of coaches and assistants who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse

Accused Boys & Girls Clubs

An Index of names, organizations, and assignments of trusted adults in youth-serving organizations who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse

Police Accountability

An interactive map that catalogs the history of sexual abuse cases involving the Police Explorer Scout program throughout the United States