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Youth Sports Accountability Index

Sexual abuse by coaches in schools and in organized youth sports leagues is more common than people think.  We have represented adult clients who were sexually abused by their coaches in their childhood going back as far as 1986.  Many youth sports organizations today require background checks for adult volunteer participation.  But background checks are only accurate if and when a coach or coach’s assistant is formally convicted of sexual abuse.  Even then, formal convictions can be misleading due to the plea bargaining process, particularly when an offender pleads guilty to a lesser crime in lieu of going to trial on more significant charges.  We have seen instances where pedophile coaches move around to surrounding cities and states so that they can continue to access children independent of their past reputation.

The DeMarco Law Firm is constantly researching precedents and case law surrounding child sexual abuse by coaches both in schools and in organized youth sports leagues.  Below is a running list of names of youth sports coaches who have been either accused or convicted of charges related to child sexual abuse.

This is a public resource provided by the DeMarco Law Firm to promote coach and youth sports accountability in the interest and safety of children

The Youth Sports Accountability Index is an interactive list of names, schools, youth sports leagues, assignments, and information related to credible accusations or convictions of child sexual abuse violations related to employees or representatives of youth sports organizations.  Use the search box to search for a specific name, city, year, or school.  Alternatively, the table can be re-ordered by column.  Whenever possible, we have provided links to documents or news reports that provide more details.

Note: the list below DOES NOT imply or confirm that the individual(s) indicated are currently employed at or by the associated youth sports organization(s), league(s), school(s), or institution(s).

Last NameFirst NameAliasCity where abuse was allegedStateType of OrganizationOrganization Sport/ActivityJob TitleCriminal StatusYear of Alleged AbuseCourt JurisdictionCase Number
StevensTerranceTerry StevensLompocCAYouth SportsAYSOSoccerCoachConvicted1988Los Angeles Superior CourtBC546652
SmithStevenSteven Crawford SmithVan NuysCAYouth SportsCYSASoccerCoachConvicted1986Los Angeles Superior CourtA809680
FeigerRobertRobert Jeffry FeigerRancho Palos VerdesCAYouth SportsCYSASoccerCoachConvicted1982Los Angeles Superior CourtA907044
ValentiRenoirRenoir Vincent ValentiLancasterCAYouth SportsAYSOSoccerCoachConvicted2003Los Angeles Superior CourtMA057051
DiazJoseJose Luis DiazBuelltonCAYouth SportsAYSOSoccerCoachConvicted2014Santa Barbara Superior Court1452027
PhillipsRobertRobert "Bob" Warden PhillipsLong BeachCAYouth SportsAYSOSoccerCoachArrested2016U.S. District Court of California
KirkpatrickRossRoss Dee KirkpatrickVictorvilleCAYouth SportsAYSOSoccerCoachConvicted2016San Bernardino Superior Court16CR-020415
DuarteJoseJose DuarteLos AngelesCAYouth SportsUSA SoccerCoachConvicted2011Los Angeles Superior CourtBA386015
VincentDonaldDonald James VincentTorranceCAYouth SportsINDEPENDENTIce SkatingCoachConvicted2014Los Angeles Superior CourtKA100638
GarciaStevenSteven Matthew GarciaCommerceCAYouth SportsCity of CommerceSwimmingCoachArrested2017Los Angeles Superior CourtBA453670
WongTonyTony WongLos AngelesCAYouth SportsCity of Los AngelesBasketballCoachArrested2016Los Angeles Superior CourtBA448448
ThorCameronCameron ThorAgoura HillsCAYouth SportsINDEPENDENTActingCoachConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtLA078037
HookBrianBrian Thomas HookSanta MariaCASchool, PublicPioneer Valley High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2014Santa Barbara Superior Court1450758
JacksonRandolphRandy JacksonValenciaCASchool, PrivateAlvert Einstein AcademyBasketballCoachConvicted2015Los Angeles Superior CourtBA433664
SniderThomasThomas Joseph SniderTorranceCASchool, PublicTorrance High SchoolWrestlingCoachConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtYA092267
RomanRonnieRonnie Lee RomanLos AngelesCASchool, PublicCahuenga ElementaryYouth ServicesCoachConvicted2015Los Angeles Superior CourtBA436498
RomanRonnieRonnie Lee RomanHollywoodCASchool, PublicVine ElementaryYouth ServicesCoachConvicted2015Los Angeles Superior CourtBA436498
ShepherdBryanBryan E. ShepherdNorwalkCASchool, PublicBellflower High SchoolTrack & FieldCoachConvicted2013Los Angeles Superior CourtVA122901
ShepherdBryanBryan E. ShepherdNorwalkCASchool, PublicBellflower High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2013Los Angeles Superior CourtVA122901
BañuelosJoseJose Antonio Bañuelos Jr.BurbankCASchool, PublicJohn Burrough's High SchoolBaseballCoach's AssistantConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtGA098420
WilliamsMarcusMarcus Anthonio WilliamsLandcasterCASchool, PublicPalmdale High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtMA067745
HernandezPierrePierre Jonas HernandezSouth PasadenaCASchool, PublicSouth Pasadena High SchoolTrack & FieldCoachConvicted2014Los Angeles Superior Court4AH02817
VacaDavidDavid Vaca Jr.El MonteCASchool, PublicArroyo High SchoolWrestlingCoachArrested2017Los Angeles Superior CourtKA114493
DangTimothyTimothy Van Phuoc DangMontebelloCASchool, PublicSchurr High SchoolTennisCoachConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtGA099634
JimenezJaimeJaime JimenezLos AngelesCASchool, PublicFranklin High SchoolFootballCoach's AssistantConvicted2016Los Angeles Superior CourtBA435819
LucasTimothyTimothy Lee Lucas IIHermosa BeachCASchool, PublicMira Costa High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2015Los Angeles Superior CourtYA092518
RoldanJonathanJonathan Adam RoldanEast Los AngelesCASchool, PublicEstevan Torres High SchoolVolleyballCoachConvicted2014Los Angeles Superior CourtBA419431
RoachKyleKyle Patrick RoachBurbankCASchool, PublicBurbank High SchoolVolleyballCoachConvicted2015Los Angeles Superior CourtGA096661
KikuchiJosephJoseph Alan KikuchiAlhambraCASchool, PublicMark Keppel High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2017Los Angeles Superior CourtGA097357
HookBrianBrian Thomas HookSanta MariaCASchool, PublicPioneer Valley High SchoolBasketballCoachConvicted2014Santa Barbara Superior Court1450758
OrnelasRobertRobert Ruben OrnelasSanta AnaCASchool, PublicSoftballCoachConvicted2012U.S. District Court of California
BoyleJohnJohn David BoyleGlendoraCASchool, PublicRoyal Oak Middle SchoolAthleticsCoachConvicted2013U.S. District Court of California
EickMaclynMaclyn EickMission Hills, Los AngelesCASchool, PrivateBishop Alemany High SchoolVolleyballCoachAccused2015
SanabriaFranciscoFrancisco Hernandez SanabriaSanta MariaCASchool, PrivateSanta Maria High SchoolSoccerCoachAccused2017
SanabriaFranciscoFrancisco Hernandez SanabriaSanta MariaCAClub SoccerSanta MariaSoccerCoachAccused2017
MakeeffNathanNathan MakeeffCampbellCASchool, PublicWestmont High SchoolCoach's AssistantAccused2017
KubicekCarlCarl KubicekTurlockCASchool PublicJohn H. Pitman High SchoolFootballCoach's AssistantConvicted2007
GillardTerry Terry Terrell GillardSun ValleyCASchool PublicJohn H. Francis Polytechnic High SchoolWrestlingCoachCharged2017Los Angeles Superior CourtPA088987
LeeTerrenceTerrence LeeHacienda HeightsCASchool PublicCedarlane AcademyBasketballCoachCharged2017Los Angeles Superior CourtKA115589
ThomasVincentVincent ThomasThousand OaksCAClub SoccerSan Fernando ValleySoccerCoachArrested2007Los Angeles Superior CourtBooking No. 2018132