Adrian Ramirez

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Adrian Ramirez

Victims Advocate & Case Investigator

Adrian is a native to Los Angeles and an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In his work at the law firm as a Victims Advocate, he provides daily support to our clients’ various needs. He also provides emotional support throughout the case and afterwards.

Adrian provides a unique level of support to our clients that other law firms simply don’t have. He grew up in Highland Park, CA and was raised in a devout Catholic family to Mexican immigrant parents. Like so many kids, he was taught to fully trust and believe in the authority of the catholic priests. When he was 10 years-old a church seminarian began sexually abusing him and continued to abuse him regularly for six years. Like most child sexual abuse victims, Adrian didn’t understand why he was being abused or why his parents allowed him to spend so much time with his abuser.

Adrian suffered many unknown consequences of his abuse. He dropped out of school, developed anger issues, and eventually ended up living on the streets and addicted to drugs. Eventually, even his marriage developed problems due to repressed memories of the abuse.

Adrian met Anthony DeMarco at a time when he needed a child molestation lawyer. Subsequently, Adrian was part of the $660 million judgement that Anthony DeMarco settled claims for in 2007 against the Catholic Church. Since then, he has turned his life around. He has worked with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and has been through the civil litigation process. He now works full-time as our firm’s Victims Advocate to help our clients begin the process of healing that they deserve.