PDF of John Doe vs American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and Terence Paul Stevens Complaint

AYSO soccer coach, Terence Paul Stevens (aka Terry Stevens), repeatedly molested boys on his Lompoc, CA soccer team.

Terence Paul Stevens (aka Terry Stevens)

Our complaint against Terry Stevens and the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was filed on October 20, 2014.

Our client was molested by Terry Stevens as a child in the 1980’s.  Terry Stevens was an active AYSO soccer coach in Lompoc, CA during the 1980’s, in San Diego, CA during the 1990’s, and in the Phoenix, AZ area during the 2000’s.  Terry Stevens was convicted of molesting a boy in Arizona and is currently in prison.  When Terry Stevens finishes his sentence in Arizona, he will serve a 30 year sentence in California for a conviction of child molestation in San Diego, CA.

If you or someone you know has any information regarding Terry Stevens or can help provide information about his behavior with young boys who he coached or refereed in AYSO soccer leagues, then please CONTACT US.

Please contact Anthony DeMarco with any questions regarding child molestation by Terry Stevens in Lompoc; CA, San Diego, CA; or Phoenix, AZ.

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