Being a Survivor

Your support network

Child sexual abuse is never easy. When you are a survivor, it can seem even harder to overcome. There is mental, emotional, and even physical stress that can come from this trauma. Carrying it throughout your life can be overwhelming. Although familial support is important in healing, finding inner peace with the experience can be the hardest part. It is hard to find reliable tools that can actually help you help yourself recover. However, there are many supportive outlets and things to remember that can help ease the recovery process.

Know that it is not your fault

As a child, there is almost nothing you can do to distinguish what is going on. You might have not even understood what a sexual activity is when this happened to you. Don’t blame yourself for something you didn’t completely understand, you have done nothing wrong. What was done to you as an innocent young person will never be justified. These actions were forced upon you by someone who did not have the right to do what they did and it will never be your fault. Coming forward is the best thing you can do for yourself, other possible victims, and ultimately stopping and getting justice for the perpetrator. 

Understanding that you are not alone is important

Do not feel like an outsider. Although it might seem like nobody understands what you have been through, there are others who have experienced similar traumas. After Silence offers an outlet where you can chat with other people who can relate to you. These support groups can assist you in managing your emotional turmoil. RAINN also offers a National Sexual Assault Hotline that is free, confidential and available 24/7. Professionals will help talk you through your feelings at your time of need. Other organizations such as 911Rape and National Center for Victims of Crime, Teen Action Partnership provide anonymous hotlines where you can receive counseling and other important information of where you can go to get help. Even taking therapy and talking to a professional can be a positive outlet for your emotions. You are not alone. 

Do not let this define you

This is always going to be something that you carry throughout your life. But don’t let it take over. You don’t deserve it. Whether it is an experience or a trauma, it is up to you. It is your choice if you want to let it define who you are. You are not just a victim of child sexual abuse, you are a survivor. One who didn’t stop growing and letting themselves succeed in life, but one who overcame something that felt like a cancer. Take your experience and leave it behind. Or take it and turn it into something good. Get involved in organizations that help other survivors of child sexual abuse and help them get through this difficult time. There are many other survivors out there that can use the support, just as you might. 


What happened to you was not okay. But you shouldn’t let it defeat you. Get help and take the right steps to overcome the trauma. Contact a hotline or a support group because you shouldn’t be alone during this emotional time. You can even look to legal advice to get the justice you deserve. Contact us if you have any further questions on what to do to get the right help.