PDF of Jane Does 3•4 vs Irwindale Police Department and Daniel Camerano Complaint

Two more female Explorer Scouts file lawsuit

A copy of the 3rd complaint that we recently filed against former officer Daniel Camerano and the Irwindale Police Department.

This complaint marks the fourth Irwindale Police Department, Police Explorer volunteer to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse by Daniel Camerano in the City of Irwindale, CA.

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We currently have two related cases open; this, most current, case and one other (see link above).  We recently settled one of our cases related to Daniel Camerano.  The $2.7 million settlement that we successfully won for one of our clients remains unprecedented among the 100s of Police Explorer cases that have been revealed recently in the media.

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Witnesses or anyone with information about the case

Please contact the Law Office of Anthony DeMarco. We are currently looking for witnesses or anyone with information regarding these two new Police Explorer sexual abuse cases involving Daniel Camerano.  We can also answer any questions regarding this case or any instance of child molestation in a California Police Explorer program.

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We welcome you to explore all of our case resources and to contact us with any questions you might have regarding sexual abuse within the Police Explorer Scout program.

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