Diana Wendel Yniguez Update

Ramona Convent Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to All Charges

UPDATE–Diana Kelly Wendel pleaded “Not Guilty” to all five counts of child molestation in Los Angeles Superior Court, Alhambra.  In Case Number GA101308, Diana Wendel was charged with the following:

  • One Count, Penal Code 288.3 (a) – Contacting a Minor to Commit a Felony
  • Two Counts, Penal Code 288 A (B) (1) – Oral Copulation with a Person Under 18 years-old
  • Two Counts, Penal Code 289 (H) – Sexual Penetration of a Person Under 18 years-old

Wendel was arrested on May 18, 2017.  The violation date for the charges is April 01, 2017.  And the case filing date is June 16, 2017.

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The Circumstances of the Arrest

Diana Wendel was arrested in May 2017 after police investigated a report made by the parents of a 17-year-old Ramona Convent High School Student.  The girl’s parents became suspicious of sexual abuse upon finding explicit text messages and conversations between Mrs. Yniguez and their 17-year-old daughter.  Wendel was a teacher at the all-girls high school, located in Alhambra, CA, at the time of the arrest.

Diana Yniguez, who has been charged under the name Diana Kelly Wendel, is a well-known Catholic school teacher in the San Gabriel Valley. She is also a graduate from Ramona Convent High School, class of 1993. Wendel taught teens and pre-teens at several catholic elementary schools prior to working as a high school teacher at Ramona Convent Catholic High School. Mrs. Yniguez, 42,  was a married, Azusa resident at the time of her arrest.

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The Law Office of Anthony M. DeMarco represents children, teens, and adults who were sexually abused as children.  We specialize in cases of child molestation where the child molester acted in a formal position as a trusted-adult.  Teachers, priests, coaches, police cadet and police explorer directors, and youth mentors are just some of the positions that child molesters use to access children for their own sexual interests.

Always consider contacting an expert child molestation lawyer if you or someone you know was exposed to a potential child molester.

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