LAPD Cadet Scandal | Officer Robert Cain

Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse by an LAPD Officer

Chief Charley Beck of the LAPD held a press conference to announce the most shocking development to surface from the recent LAPD Cadet Scandal.  As the high-profile investigation surrounding the theft of police cars and other department property by Police Cadets continues, allegations of child sexual abuse were uncovered.  31 year-old LAPD Officer Robert Cain is accused of having sexual intercourse with at least one female Police Cadet.  The 15 year-old Cadet that Cain is accused of molesting, was involved in the LAPD Cadet scandal that has been developing over the past month.

According to news sources, Officer Cain is also accused of assisting the deviant Cadets by helping to facilitate the theft of department property.  There is even suspicion that several of the young Cadets posed as police officers in public.  As a sexual abuse lawyer, we find Officer Cain’s behavior to be typical Sexual Grooming behavior.

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Sexual grooming is a highly deceptive child molester behavior. Chief Beck recognized this in the press conference by saying, “There may be a connection between the wooing of this underage female and access to the [stolen] equipment…I know that would be consistent with pedophile-type behavior.”

Officer Robert Cain’s Arrest Details

Officer Robert Cain was released on bond at 5:17am on Friday June 23, 2017.  He is scheduled to appear in Los Angeles Municipal Court, Division 31 in approximately one month.  The hearing is scheduled for July 21, 2017 at 8:30am.

Police Cadets and Police Explorers

In 2009 the LAPD decided to launch its own Youth Program which is known today as the Police Cadet program.  Traditionally, police departments have partnered with the Boy Scouts of America and Learning For Life, Inc. to facilitate the Police Explorer program, a national youth-serving organization and program designed at guiding children and teens into a career in law enforcement.  The Police Explorer program has come under scrutiny recently as hundreds of instances of child sexual abuse have been revealed over the years involving police officers sexually abusing the young Explorers.

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Despite the LAPD’s attempt at distancing itself from the stigma of sexual abuse that is attached to Police Explorer programs nation-wide, the LAPD Cadet program remains, more or less, identical.  And with the recent arrest and allegation of child molestation by Officer Cain, it’s going to be difficult for the LAPD to convince the public that police department youth programs don’t carry a high risk of child sexual abuse.

Police Officers and Sex Scandals

To put the problem into perspective, 29 officers from police agencies across the Bay Area were investigated in 2016 for having sex with a young woman who maintained an online alias of “Celeste Guap.”  As a result of the investigation, police spokesman Lt. Andre Hill was taken off his role as manager of the Youth Services Division and Officer Jerrod Tong stepped down from his position in the Police Explorer Program.

Recently, the mayor of Oakland, CA and former Police Chief Sean Whent were held accountable by a court-appointed investigator for mishandling the wide-spread Bay Area sex scandal.  According to the investigator’s report, the police departments involved all failed to adequately investigate Guap’s claims that she began having sex with dozens of police officers when she was as young as 16 years-old.  Guap was paid close to $1 million for her lawsuit and more than half-a-dozen officers have been criminally charged for child sexual abuse related to the case.