Anthony DeMarco Gets Secret Letter Released, Pope Knew of Sex Abuse.

The Pope Knew of Sex Abuse

Large organizations like the Catholic Church like to hide things that make them look bad.  They spend a lot of money on lawyers to make sure that the public doesn’t see these negative things.  During a sexual abuse case in 2010, Anthony DeMarco discovered something that the Church worked hard to keep hidden.  While working on a case in New Mexico, Anthony DeMarco found a letter written in 1963 by a Catholic official.  Addressed to the Pope, the letter urges the removal of all pedophile priests from active ministry.  Consequently, the letter suggests that the Pope knew of sex abuse problems over 50 years ago.  However, due to a court order no one would see the letter, until now.

As soon as Anthony DeMarco made the discovery, he knew that the public should know.  Most of all, he wanted to help all of the survivors of clergy sex abuse get the justice they deserve.  And so, Anthony DeMarco argued to the court that because the letter demonstrates that the Pope knew of sex abuse problems in church and did nothing for so long, that the public is entitled to have access to the evidence.  The public won.

Justice for Survivors

Winning cases is not the only thing that’s important to Anthony DeMarco.  What is important is that all survivors of clergy abuse receive the justice they deserve.  Thus, Anthony DeMarco works hard to reveal the hidden truths about the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.  Since 2002, Anthony DeMarco has successfully released over 20,000 pages of church documents to the public.  Most of all, Anthony DeMarco’s clients–survivors of clergy abuse–are well compensated for the abuse that they suffered by pedophile priests.  While many child sex abuse attorney’s continue to use the documents that he helped to release, Anthony DeMarco continues to make new and revealing discoveries about the never ending Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

Clergy Abuse Expert

Anthony DeMarco was a guest on the radio program, Uprising With Sonali where he was interviewed by host Sonali Kolhatkar.  Other guests on the program include members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)You can listen to the radio segments that feature Anthony DeMarco below.

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