Vance Miller, LAUSD music teacher, sued for allegedly molesting students

Child Molestation In the Los Angeles Unified School District

Vance Miller, Music Teacher at Hamilton High School

Anthony DeMarco and professional associates filed a lawsuit against Vance Miller, a 59 year old music teacher at Hamilton Music Academy Magnet.  The music academy is part of Hamilton High School of the Los Angeles Unified School District, also named a defendant in the lawsuit.

According to our complaint, which can be found in the Case Resources section of this website, Miller engaged in an elaborate sexual relationship with our client nearly 18 years ago.  Our client was 13 years old when the abuse happened.  Due to the California Statute of Limitations, too much time has passed.  Therefore, criminal charges can no longer be made against Miller for the abuse.  We filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of our client.  We suspect that Miller abused more children.

Upon filing the allegations, officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District said they couldn’t conduct an internal investigation due to an open criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Miller has now been investigated twice by the LAPD.  The initial police investigation ended without charges being filed, but the case was reopened after reports by L.A. Times and KPCC radio aired.

“Vance Miller, utilizing his position of trust and authority, performed sexual acts upon Plaintiff at school, at Vance Miller’s home, and in Vance Miller’s car as he took Plaintiff to and from school events…As Plaintiff’s relationship with Vance Miller continued, Plaintiff’s grades spiraled. At a time when Plaintiff needed mentoring, Vance Miller manipulated Plaintiff into performing sexual acts with him, twisting Plaintiff’s sense of not only healthy sexuality, but also trust, vulnerability, love, and friendship.” –Exerpt

In The News…

DeMarco said two other students have come forward and that he expects there may be more.  He said Miller’s behavior showed a “pattern” of abuse and that a “culture of permissiveness” allowed these actions to continue…

Source: Vance Miller, 2010 Music Educator of the Year, sued for allegedly molesting student | 89.3 KPCC

“At no time…did LAUSD reach out to parents and former students to inform them that these allegations were made, to see if there wer additional victims,” said attorney Anthony DeMarco.

Source: Child molestation prob into Hamilton High music teacher reopened | L.A. Now, Los Angeles Times

Anthony DeMarco is a California child molestation attorney in Pasadena, CA.  He has practiced childhood sexual abuse law since 2002 and has been instrumental in exposing sexual abuse scandals in large organizations such as the Catholic Church, School Districts, Youth Sports, and Youth Organizations.