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Charles “Chuck” Drylie

Occupation: Police Officer at Whittier Police Department
Occupation: School Resource Officer at La Serna High School
Occupation: Teacher at La Serna High School

Charles “Chuck” Drylie worked as a police officer for the Whittier Police Department from the 1970s through the early 2000s. At the Police Department, Drylie held numerous roles including working as a Police Explorer Advisor for the Police Explorer program (also known as the Cadet program at times). Four women have filed separate lawsuits against Charles Drylie and the City of Whittier for the sexual abuse and/or harassment they endured at the hands of Drylie while they were Police Explorers. The lawsuits allege that Drylie used his position as the Police Explorer Advisor to groom the girls, who were approximately 15-18 at the times of the abuse. The abuse alleged in the lawsuits occurred in his police car during ride-alongs, while on duty; at his house; and at a victim’s house, among others.

As alleged in the lawsuits, multiple police officers knew or should have known of Drylie’s sexual relationships and abuse of female Police Explorers, but the City of Whittier’s Police Department did not prevent him from continuing the abuse or finding even more victims. Instead, the City reassigned him to be a “spokesman” and a “community relations officer” for the police department, where he worked with children directly as part of his role. The City of Whittier later assigned Officer Chuck Drylieto be a School Resource Officer at La Serna High School, where he continued to have access to minors. Eventually, Drylie also began teaching “Administration of Justice” and “Forensic Science” at La Serna High School. Drylie remained working at La Serna High School at least until the lawsuits were filed against him.

If you have any information related to Officer Charles “Chuck” Drylie’s abuse of minors, please Contact Us. If Drylie abused you either during his time as a police officer or as a teacher, our staff is available to help you begin the process of healing and to pursue justice. Please feel free to reach out to our office to see how we may be able to assist you.


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