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Neil Fischbein


Neil’s passion for helping abuse survivors began over 20 years ago while working as a legal project manager at a previous law firm with Anthony DeMarco. Their small team represented hundreds of survivors in the Southern California Catholic Church abuse litigation and helped secure a historic resolution on their behalf. Neil also worked in a variety of roles on other cases at the firm and gained valuable experience that he carries forward to this day.

Here at the DeMarco Law Firm, Neil’s main focus is investigations – finding evidence, talking to witnesses, strengthening cases – while working with clients and internal teams to support the litigation process. Neil is steadfast in his belief that every survivor deserves a hard-working team on their side that will fight for them with compassion, expertise, and integrity. He takes pride in the firm and its work and finds it tremendously rewarding.

Neil holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Hamilton College and resides in the South Bay of Los Angeles where his interests outside of law include surfing, technology, health & fitness, and playing with his dog. Neil is known for being calm, compassionate, and thorough. He also has a knack for simplifying complexity, which is helpful for the cases he works on.