Anthony DeMarco Exposes Church Documents, Cardinal Roger Mahony Hides Sex Abuse

Cardinal Roger Mahony Hides Sex Abuse

Most people think that the Catholic Church is a place of virtue.  But as the sex abuse scandal continues to develop, the facts point to the contrary.  For several years Church documents have surfaced that show Church administrators actively covering up facts about priest sexual abuse.  Now, records show that Cardinal Roger Mahony hides sex abuse problems in the Los Angeles Archdiocese too.

Cardinal Roger Mahony was archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese from 1985 to 2011.  He raised nearly $200 million to build the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles in downtown Los Angeles.  He gained respect for his political relationships with Los Angeles Mayor Richard J. Riordan.  However in 2009, the Los Angeles Archdiocese became the first of its kind to be investigated by the United States Government regarding widespread childhood sexual abuse by Catholic priests.  A grand jury investigated Cardinal Mahony’s role in protecting accused pedophile priests.  However no charges were ever made.

Sex Abuse Lawyer Exposes The Truth

Exposing the truth is what Anthony DeMarco does best.  And in 2013 that’s what he did.  While working on a clergy abuse case, he discovered Church files that show how Cardinal Mahony helped hide sex abuse as well.  The discovery came after Anthony DeMarco already uncovered documents leading to the Pope.  It also follows the release of over 10,000 pages of pedophile priest personnel files that Anthony DeMarco argued for in 2010.

When a sex abuse lawyer like Anthony DeMarco makes significant discoveries like this, they don’t go unnoticed.  National media outlets covered how Anthony DeMarco uncovered the ways that Cardinal Roger Mahony hides sex abuse problems in Los Angeles.  Featured below, Tovia Smith, radio host of All Things Considered, a popular National Public Radio program that covers “the biggest stories of the day,” discusses the story.

Listen to Anthony DeMarco on All Things Considered, a National Public Radio program

Other Media Coverage

Below is a list of other national media outlets that covered Anthony DeMarco’s disovery.  Although the list is not 100% complete, we want to provide as much resource as possible.  Please contact us if you have other resources that you’re looking for or that you would like us add.

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CNN: Records detail cardinal’s failings in abuse Documenting the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church

More Than Just a Lawyer

Anthony DeMarco is more than just a sex abuse lawyer.  Anthony DeMarco is an advocate for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  His knowledge of institutions like the Catholic Church make him one of the most accomplished child sexual abuse attorneys in Southern California.  The Law Office of Anthony M. DeMarco represents survivors of clergy abuse throughout California including Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, and many others.  If you or someone you know was sexual abused by a person of authority in Southern California, then please contact us.