Evidence of How Clergy Abuse Cases Were Handled, Available To Public

Newly revealed documents contradict former LA Archbishop Mahony’s testimony about how clergy abuse cases were handled

Never seen before documents containing vital evidence of how clergy abuse cases were handled by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are now available for public view.  The documents were discovered as a result of our client’s fight in the California Civil Courts against Father Nicolas Aguilar Rivera and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Father Nicolas Aguilar Rivera sexually abused our client and was protected by the Bishop.

Portions of the thousands of documents that we discovered are available for review HERE on our website. These documents are not a part of the documents involved in the 2007 settlements with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The documents are new and show how clergy abuse cases were handled to protect the priests who sexually abused children.  This new collection of documents demonstrate that Cardinal Roger Mahony knew that priests under his supervision were sexually abusing children in Los Angeles.

The Catholic Church Lied

The documents further demonstrate that the Catholic Church lied.  Cardinal Mahony, in fact, was intimately involve in handling the sex abuse scandal of priests in Los Angeles from 1985 to 2011.  He also communicated directly with priests who were admitted sex offenders and the priests’ therapists.  Cardinal Mahony’s predecessors McIntrye and Manning did the same thing before him as well.

The documents show evidence that Mahony worked with his Vicar for Clergy to avoid law enforcement involvement by ordering Pastors to not give Altar Boy lists to LAPD detectives.  He did this while simultaneously trying to woo high-ranking officers at the LAPD Juvenile Division.

And finally, even though Mahony and his Vicars for Clergy were aware of the crimes that his priests committed, and the names of the children who were sexually abused and their families; he did not report anything to law enforcement or to Child Protective Services (CPP).  Instead, he offered counseling services to the abused children in an attempt at keeping who he perceived to be his enemies, closer.

Cardinal Roger Mahony was the first native Angeleno to be created Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.  He now holds the title of Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles.

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The documents can be found on our RESOURCES page.

Questions regarding these documents should be directed to Anthony DeMarco.

Anthony DeMarco is a California child molestation attorney in Pasadena, CA.  He has practiced childhood sexual abuse law since 2002 and has been instrumental in exposing sexual abuse scandals in large organizations such as the Catholic Church, School Districts, Youth Sports, and Youth Organizations.